Apple Launches iPhone 2.2 Software

Just in time for Yuletide, as if a Christmas present, Apple released iPhone 2.2 Software last Thursday. Truly an upgrade from 2.1 released just in September, iPhone 2.2 offers better handling of Update Center in GPS and Google Maps. For example, it features 360 Google Street View and even shows public transportation stops.

With 2.2, users can now download podcast straight from the air with Wifi or 3G bypassing iTunes, which as the thing with 2.1. And yes, 2.2 now allows you to turn-off text auto-correction, which has been a source of stress for those who don't necessarily use English that often in text messaging.

Other improvements include several bug fixes -- especially the one for scheduled e-mail fetching. 2.2 also offers improved security and performance for Safari, reduced dropped calls and improved sound quality in visual-voice messaging.

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