MSI Strikes Back - rather softly?

Last Friday, MSI announced the release of the next iteration of its Wind Netbook Series, the 3lbs-er U120. It follows the well received U100, which has been one of the better netbooks with its 10 in. screen:

MSI Wind U100 photo from

While its form and shell are yet to be disclosed, U120's MSI-released specs are pretty much similar to the older Wind:

1.6GHz Intel Atom processor,
1GB of RAM, three USB ports,
and 4-in-1 card reader.

As of the moment, it appears that the only updates than we can get out of U120 are Built-in Mobile Broadband and Doubled storage size at 160GB albeit with no solid-state drive option.

And we almost forgot, it also ships with an external mouse -- to appease the "Heck! The touchpad is too small!" protesters. There you go.

MSI hasn't given any SRP for U120 but hinted that the new netbook will be out come January 2009.

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