Intel Atom Benchmarks - 1.6 Ghz Silverthorne

$6 - $8 USD (roughly Php500) Intel Atom has been the favored processor of many UMPCs (or Netbooks) these recent years. And since UMPCs are the hottest thing in mobile computing today, TechPinas thinks it's fair to ask: Just how powerful is Intel Atom?

Interestingly, even before Atom was launched, a German website named ComputerBase has announced the initial Super-Pi benchmarking data for the Atom, codenamed Silverthorne. Here are the results:

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Yep, it ranked second from last -- only slightly better than Pentium 3-Mobile, and definitely less powerful than even 900Mhz of Celeron M.

I guess Power does come with a price -- a good one, that is.

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