Apple Launches New Macbook

We all know that Apple has a knack for releasing new generations of their products that just make the older ones look, well, really old. Not surprisingly, Apple outdid itself again with the release of their new Aluminum Macbook, aptly tagged "The Brick", last October.

The new Macbook offers lots of cool features that just leave the competition (and even its older models) choking with dust. It offers faster Intel Core 2 Duo processors and even a dedicated graphics card (which was not offered in the older Mac). But the real selling point of this notebook would have to be its aesthetics -- it's just solid and "beautiful" (Imagine Steve Jobs saying that.).

Ain't that the coolest?!

I called PowerMac Center last week to check on the Brick's price and they said it's around P70,000++, which is about the same price as the current fastest White Macbook.

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  1. Really, MacBooks are best for work... I found huge variety at MacMall...


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