Asus to Launch First Ever 'Net-Desktop' Computer

And it looks hot!

Asus, the manufacturer of the well-received Eeepc netbooks, has recently released several test units of its latest PC product, the EeeTop:

EeeTop photo from

It is quite obvious where Asus got the inspiration for the design of the EeeTop. Heck it's a spitting image of the Apple iMac! (A smaller one with 15.6" in. screen, that is.) But then, this shouldn't come as that big a surprise since Asus puts together iMac hardware on Apple's behalf anyway. One obvious difference though, between eeeTop and iMac -- aside from the price -- is that Eeetop has a cavity on its right side that houses a stylus.

Much like netbooks out now, Eeetop is powered by Intel Atom processor, 1.6 ghz to be exact, runs on Linux and has 1gb of RAM. It dons a 1.3-megapixel webcam atop the touch-screen LCD and get this: like netbooks, it also lacks an optical drive! Told you, it's NetDesktop!

Eeetop may just be as powerful (or not) as any netbook but it's a desktop through and through -- all day long! Unlike netbooks, it actually comes with a sizeable harddrive 160gb of it, which you can upgrade to 320 ~ should you find the need for it, a full size USB-Keyboard and an external mouse. It also comes with EEE Cinema, which looks and works like Windows Media Center.

Overall, the EeeTop is a cute machine. It is cheap at around $560++ (more or less Php30,000) but it is stunningly elegant. So if you don't really need a Power PC, TechPinas would definitely recommend this PC.

EeeTop will be out, early 2009.

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