Featured Video of the Day - Nov. 26, 08 - Macbook Air Spoof revisited

Yup, this is quite old but we think it is still interesting to discuss:

In 2002, Toshiba released Portege 2000.

Portege 2000 photo from www.toshiba.co.jp

With dimensions of 11.4 inches (W) x 9 inches (D) x .75 inches (H) and a weight of 2.6 lbs, Portege 2000 was then dubbed as the "Thinnest and Lightest Notebook Ever."

Fast forward to 2008, Apple released Macbook Air with dimensions of  12.8 inches (W) x 8.94 inches (D) x 0.76 inch (H) and weight of 3.0 pounds. Apple tagged it, "The World's Thinnest Notebook".

 Macbook Air photo from www.instablogimages.com

Fine. Apple didn't say "...Ever." But you get the point.

Anyway, if you're more into graphs and figures, here's a size comparison between Portege 2000 and Macbook Air -- in 4 views.

Interestingly, neither Portege 2000 nor Macbook Air is the thinnest notebook ever ~ Can you guess which laptop is it?

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