Intel Atom N270 vs. Intel Atom 330 ( Atom Core Duo )

Yesterday, we received a question from rhk111 of Pinoyexchange, which goes:
A lot of netbooks nowadays are using the Intel Atom N270 1.6 Ghz processor. Now, a dual core version will be available soon of this processor.

Netbook Mania!! (photo from

My questions are:
- How much speed improvement will we see compared to the non-dual core version?
- How much less will be the battery time for the dual core version compared to the non-dual core version using the same battery?

And here's our answer:

PcPro has done tests on Atom 330 (The Dual core Atom) vs. Atom N270 (single core) and even vs. Via C7.

Here are the results.

-Overall results: Atom 330 performs only 16% faster than Atom N270.
-Office 2003 tests: Atom 330 stayed behind Atom N270 and VIA C7 respectively.
-2D graphics tests: Atom 330 performed 41% better than Atom N270 and 70% better than VIA C7
-Encoding tests: Atom 330 scored 18% better than N720 and 39% much better than the VIA.
-Multitasking tests: Atom 330 performed 47% faster than Atom N270 and Atom N270 performed 44% better than VIA C7.

So it looks like 330 is really good for Multitasking and for Hyperthread-utilizing apps like Photoshop -- but not exemplary in handling single core apps like Microsoft Office.

But here's something you should really consider:
An Atom 330 powered Netbook will deliver only half the battery life of its N270 powered counterpart.

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  1. So for basic users, it is recommended to use N270?


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