HP Launches new 10-inch screen Netbook

Just months after the release of Mininote 2133 -- yup, the one that kinda looks like a small Macbook pro with its anodized aluminum case, HP again rocks the UMPC (low-power notebooks) market with the launch of MiniNote 1000.

1000 boasts of a bigger screen, 10 inch - that is, compared to the 8.9 inch screen of 2133. It also has a piano black finish vs. 2133's raw-metal look. Other than that, I think they are basically the same machine -- with same processor speed, memory, hard disk space, etc. Oh, one not so good thing about the 1000 is that it doesn't have VGA out built-in. (And just between the 2 of us, I think 2133 looks more solid with that metal case)

Anyway, I think it's still a good-looking machine. It's hot!

1 comment:

  1. 10 inches?! Seriously?! How small can they get?

    Still, it looks very handy to me. It's perfect when I'm writing blogs.


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