Core Duo vs. Core 2 Duo - Surprising Stats !!

Yes, newer Intel processors are already out. But because everyone still totes laptops powered by these two, we still get this alot: What's the difference between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo?

Well, for one, we think Intel just sucks at giving names to their processors. It's just horrific name calling, horrific branding. So if there's any confusion about the two, don't you think Intel's to blame? :)

Anyway, since you're asking -- and we always want to give simple and clear answers:
Core 2 is almost the same as Core ~ The chips are built using the same production process and fit in the same sockets as Core Duo chips.

But Core 2 has more sophisticated processing abilities - the minutest details of which we don't know; This allows Core 2 Duo computers to perform better than Core Duo computers on tasks across the board ~ from rendering 3D graphics to spell-proofing documents. On the average Core 2 Duo processors are about 30% faster than their Core Duo counterparts (with the same speed e.g. 1.6Ghz Core Duo vs. 1.6 Core 2 Duo). [inferred via source]

If you want more detailed comparison of the two, with graphs and stuff, visit NotebookCheck's CoreDuo vs. Core2Duo Review. The results of their study are quite interesting -- Core2Duo pretty much outperforms CoreDuo; but not in all applications and by not-much.

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