The Last of the VHS

Remember when you rented VHS Movie Tapes for around Php50, some pirated even? I know -- it's crazy! My dad even bought a separate rewinding machine -- and yes, these tapes take forever to rewind.

One-Way Sportscar VHS Rewinder -- Darn, Vintage!

Humanity has gone a long way since then. We've had VCD, then DVD and now, Blu Ray discs. No more rewind and fast-forward breaks! No more bulky cases! We should all be so happy, right?


But when Distribution Video Audio Out of Palm Harbor, Florida - The last notable distributor of VHS films - announced the other day that it has shipped its final truckload of tapes to God Knows Where, I couldn't help but feel a tad sad. Afterall, I can't deny that VHS used to help me weather sad cold nights. :)

Here's to VHS!

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