Google Chrome: Beta No More

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Beating Gmail, which is still in Beta (after what? 4 years?), Chrome released 1.0 yesterday -- just a hundred days after its public launch.

"[Chrome now meets Google's] internal standards for stability and performance," shared Sundar Pichai, vice president of product development, to CNET.

How to get it?

For new users, you may just download it directly from the Chrome site. And for those who already have the Beta version, there will be an automatic update.

Why get it?

[Google Chrome 1.0 offers] "tons and tons of bug fixes," especially around audio and video playback, which should now be "more stable." Chrome will also be faster. Pichai said Google's browser is 1.4 to 1.5 times faster (depending on which benchmarks you use) than it was at launch.

There are new features, as well. The bookmark manager is being revised to do a better job for people who have lots of bookmarks, and for those who want to import or export bookmark lists. Privacy options have all been consolidated into one dialog box. And there are improvements in the security features of the browser.

Features that the team is still working on include autofill for forms, native support for RSS feeds, "and so on." But the top three features that Pichai says he and his team are working on are extension support and Mac and Linux versions.*

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