Tech Basics: Netbook vs. Notebook

circuslife of Pinoyexchange emailed us this tech question yesterday:
"What's the difference between a Notebook and Netbook?"

Acer Aspire One on top of a Compaq V3000 (photo from

And in true TechPinas tradition, we'll answer this in the simplest, most understandable way we can:

The difference lies in Power.

A notebook or a laptop is basically a compressed PC, wielding the same power in a smaller package. And as such, it can do almost everything that a PC can do. Process documents, edit photos, fix videos -- name it, even all the the same time. Notebooks these days are usually powered by these processors: The Intel Core2Duo, Intel Core Duo, Intel Pentium M, Intel Celeron M, AMD Turion, AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon X2.

A netbook, on the other hand is a low-power, low-cost gadget that does only the basic functions of PC, which are - but not limited to - word processing and web browsing. Most netbooks these days are powered by Intel Atom.

While some technorati turn to size and weight to differentiate a notebook from a netbook, TechPinas believes this shouldn't be the case. Truth be told; There are a lot of small and light notebooks (some even smaller and lighter than netbooks) that deliver serious performance like the Thinkpad X-series, Toshiba Portege and the Sony Vaio TZ-series.

The Small but powerful Sony Vaio TZ

Some popular netbooks include The Asus eeePC, Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind, Lenovo S10, HP Mini-Note and Dell Inspiron Mini.

Click here for Official Netbook and Notebook Definitions by Intel.

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