January '09 MacWorld : No Steve Jobs

photo from www.nytimes.com

I know that sounds rather blasphemous -- but yeah, the 10 year old Keynote address ritual by Steve Jobs at the MacWorld Expo SanFran has now ended.

Quoting NYTimes:

Apple announced on Tuesday that Mr. Jobs would not appear at the Macworld conference in January and that the company’s presentation would instead be delivered by Philip W. Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for worldwide product marketing. Apple also said it would withdraw from the conference after this year’s event.

The news unleashed a wave of speculation among Apple fans about what this portends for the computer maker’s lineup of products — and for Mr. Jobs’s health, which has been subjected to intense scrutiny in the last few years.

[...]Mr. Jobs is a survivor of pancreatic cancer and has appeared unusually thin at recent appearances, though Apple says his health is fine.

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