Benchmarks : AMD Phenom X4 vs. Intel Quad Core


Circuslife of Pinoyexchange emailed us this question yesterday:
"Dear TechPinas, how does AMD Phenom compare against Intel Quad Core in terms of performance ?"

Well, we'll give you an overview on the two processors first:

Intel Quad Core

Intel® Core™2 Quad processor for notebook and desktop PCs [is] designed to handle massive compute and visualization workloads enabled by powerful multi-core technology. Optimized for the longest possible battery life without compromise to performance, Intel Core 2 Quad processors for notebooks allow you to stay unwired longer while running the most compute-intensive applications.


With four processing cores, [...] the Intel Core 2 Quad processor delivers amazing performance and power efficiency.

AMD Phenom

Built from the ground up for true quad-[...] core performance, AMD Phenom™ processors speed through advanced multitasking, critical business productivity, advanced visual design and modeling, serious gaming, and visually stunning digital media and entertainment.

Now, Benchmarks Comparison:

Quoting Tom's Hardware ~
AMD seems to have done its homework when the company set the price for its Phenom processors. The Phenom 9600 [X4] is about 13.5% slower than Intel's Q6600 [Quad Core] in our benchmarks. On the other hand, its price is also 13.6% lower than that of its direct competitor. Thus, the two products offer practically the same performance for your money.

There you have it. :)

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    Biostar MCP6PB M2+ Motherboard – Socket AM2+, µATX, Audio, GeForce 6150 Graphics, SATA, RAID
    AMD Phenom X4 9650 Quad Core Processo – 2.30GHz
    1 Stick of Centon 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory
    Black ATX Mid-Tower Case
    450-Watt Power Supply
    GeForce 9400 GT Video Card – 1024MB DDR2, PCI Express 2.0 with DVI, HDTV, and VGA output
    -Dual Monitor capabilities
    Main Drive: CZ Vertex Series 2.5″ 30GB SATA II SSD
    Secondary Drive: 1 TeraByte 5400 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive
    Rocketfish™ Universal CPU Cooler (still has the parts to hookup to an Intel board)


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