Intel 's AMD Neo Killer

Sony Vaio TT -- Sony 's Newest Ultraportable Laptop;
Which processor will power most Ultraportables in the future?

Kudos to AMD, looks like Intel is trailing it this time.

CNET reported just a while ago that Intel is set to roll out a new core architecture for Ultra-Thin laptops within the year. Yes, comparable to AMD Athlon Neo -- AMD's core platform for Ultraportable Laptops.

The processors will distinguish themselves by targeting a price segment below pricey ultra-portables, which typically start at around $1,500 and range all the way up to $3,000--and higher in some cases. The processors will not compete with the Atom processor that powers Netbooks, which usually top out at $500.
Given the size and structure of Ultraportables, it is highly important to match it with an ultra-low voltage yet still powerful processor to avoid overheating while differentiating itself with the low-power low-cost Netbooks.

We have quoted and compared the benchmarks of AMD Neo vs. Intel Atom in the past -- a comparison hardly fair. Once this new Intel platform comes out, we promise to share new comparison details.

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