vs. +  Intel GMA 950

I know! The comparison isn't even fair -- AMD Athlon Neo or just AMD Neo is an ultraportable platform while Intel Atom is merely meant to power Netbooks. (We have discussed the difference between an Ultraportable and a Netbook in a past entry. Read it again here.)

A tad unfair but what can we do!? A lot of people have been asking us -- How does AMD Athlon Neo compare against Intel Atom Diamondville (N270)?

Well, Engadget has published AMD Athlon Neo 's benchmarks vis-a-vis those of Intel Atom. And as expected, AMD Neo kicks Intel Atom 's flat a**!

AMD Neo vs. Intel Atom vs. Intel Core2Duo Benchmarks , source: Engadget

Based on the graphs, we can see that Intel Atom Diamondville paired with Intel GMA 950 Integrated Graphics is, at least, two times slower than AMD Neo paired with ATI Radeon 3410 Discrete Graphics in converting music to Ipod and 48% slower in creating movie from photos.

And while we are on these graphs:

AMD Athlon Neo 1.6Ghz vs. Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz

This time Intel kicks AMD 's a**! Core2Duo, with the same clockspeed, converts music to iPod at least 30% faster than AMD Neo and 50% faster in making movie from photos -- yes, even with just integrated graphics.

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