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The TechPinas team has always been a big fan of the Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium , more popularly known as the Tibook, which was released in 2001. We think that the design of that notebook set the bar and provided the template for how companies do laptops these days. Its design was so ahead of its time that those who are not so familiar with Apple history might find it hard to believe that Tibook is already 7 years old. It's just legendary.

Watch Steve Jobs introducing Apple Powerbook Titanium at Macworld 2001:

Despite its many laudable design strengths though, one of the greatest weaknesses in the design of the Tibook (and this is something that every Tibook owner should be familiar with) was the chipping paint. Titanium, apparently, doesn't hold paint too well -- and I think this is the main reason why Apple ditched it for Anodized Aluminum in succeeding Powerbooks and in the Macbook Pro.

Well, we recently came across a user who found a cool work-around on his old Tibook's chipping paint. Nope, he didn't try to cover it with nail polish or white paint. Instead, he opted to just sand all the paint off and reveal the Titanium in Tibook. He then shared, "This thing is made of Titanium, why look at paint?" Exactly! If the laptop is still working, why let dust sit on it just because its paint is chipping or cracking?

So how did his ancient Tibook end up looking?

Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium Stripped! source

Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium Bottom Stripped! source

Looks neat! Attention grabbing and has talk value.
Not bad! Not bad at all. :) I'd bring that to the cafe. Really.

Happy 25th Anniversary Mac!

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