Macbook Air Clone ?

Sylvia from Dubai sent us this question via email earlier (email us at

"Dear TechPinas, I'd love to own a Macbook Air - I love the waif thin look - but I'm on a really steep budget. Which budget laptop would you suggest I get instead?"

Thanks for the inquiry Sylvia!

Well I suggest you check out MSI X-Slim X320. It's just a low-powered netbook but if you're only after the thin look then it should be good. MSI launched X-Slim just a little more than a week ago -- right before CES. And yes Sylvia, weighing only 2.9 lbs and only 6mm thin, it really looks a lot like the Macbook Air. In fact, I have friends who tag it as The True Macbook Air Clone :

MSI X-Slim X320 on top of Macbook Air ~ Photo from Engadget

Heck! Even their trackpads are almost identical -- plus both have 13" screens!

Watch MSI X-Slim X230 in action (courtesy of SlashGear):

Like most netbooks, MSI X-Slim runs on an Intel Atom processor. It comes with 2GB of RAM, Wifi and 3G all built in. Going price is around $800 versus around $1800 for the Macbook Air. Apple's Macbook Air, of course, comes with a more powerful processor, the OSX and a solid anodized Aluminum case. In contrast and quite obvious in photos, MSI X-Slim is clad in plastic.

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