Reinstating Google Adsense

Jonas from Makati, Philippines emailed us this question yesterday:
"Dear TechPinas, my Google Adsense account was recently disabled by Google due to, as they put it, invalid clicks. Is it possible to send an appeal to Google to have my account reinstated?"

Hi Jonas! Thanks for the inquiry.

Great news: Google Adsense is open is to appeals -- provided you were axed when it clearly wasn't in your intentions to break Adsense policies. All you have to do is to fill up and submit the Invalid Activity Appeal Form that you can download HERE.

In answering questions, it is important to make Google feel that you are willing to implement measures that will help in preventing invalid Adsense clicks from happening in your site.

Wait 2-3 weeks for Google's response and decision on your case.

Keep in mind though that submitting an Invalid Activity Appeal Form won't guarantee that your account will be reinstated. But, of course, it is better to submit one than not do anything at all.

In my opinion, the three biggest reasons why Google Adsense disables an account are the following:

1. The publisher clicks on his own ads.
2. Relatives and friends of the publisher click on the publisher's ads...
3. Hence, CTR goes over 5%

So next time, should you get your account reinstated, try to avoid doing these unfair practices.

Good luck!

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