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TechPinas, what is the inspiration behind the Apple logo and who designed it ?

Here's our answer:

Believe it or not, the current Apple logo, which an image of a bit apple, wasn't the first logo to be used by Apple Inc.

The first Apple logo was designed by Steve Jobs himself together with Ronald Wayne -- one of Apple's co-founders. It depicts an image of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree;

The First Apple Logo , Source: Wikipedia

This logo was eventually replaced by Rob Janoff's Rainbow Apple logo during the late 1970's. It is believed that the Rainbow Apple is the company's tribute to Isaac Newton's discoveries on gravity and light prisms.

Rainbow Apple Logo , Source: Wikipedia 


While [The Rainbow Apple] is generally accepted to have referred to Isaac Newton, another explanation exists that the bitten apple pays homage to the mathematician Alan Turing, who committed suicide by eating an apple he had laced with cyanide. Turing is regarded as one of the fathers of the computer. The rainbow colors of the logo are rumored to be a reference to the rainbow flag, as a homage to Turing's homosexuality.

The Rainbow Apple's base structure became the template for Apple's current and more conservative logos (color-wise).

Current Stylized Apple Logo, 

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