Offline Gmail Access

Soon, you will be able to access Gmail offline ! Credit: Google

Google's 6 year old BETA product is getting another round of lab treatment -- this time to tweak it for offline accessibility.

While Google deeply believes in cloud computing, which is in essence -- online computing, the company cannot disregard the fact that people do get offline, sometimes unwillingly. There are times when network becomes virtually inaccessible or connection, intermittent.

By taking emailing -- which is one of the most important Business features and activities online -- offline, Gmail becomes ever more appealing to enterprise users. "This is a feature we've heard loud and clear the enterprise wants," shared Todd Jackson, Gmail Product Manager.

How will Google do it?

Gmail Offline will utilize an open-source technology by Google called GEARS. Gears, simply put, is a tool used to effectively store or cache online data to a PC for eventual offline access. In this case, Gears will make an archive of your online Gmail account and sync it to your PC.

What are the limitations?

I don't even have to tell you. Since it's offline service, you won't be able to SEND messages nor RECEIVE fresh emails. Gmail offline will just allow you to read, write (with further limitations on attachments) and search messages that were cached by Gears before your internet connection was cut.

Gmail Offline will be available in "a couple of days".

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