Apple iPhone 5 : Rumors and Speculations - Which Ones Could End Up True?

Apple's so good at keeping things under wraps that this infographic on iPhone5 rumors released way back in March still looks - well - rather new.

iphone 5

So which of these rumors do I think will end up true?

1. Improved chip: Apple A5, same as iPad2's processor.
2. Bigger screen: 4-inch, maybe.
3. Completely new version of iOS: iOS 5, as it's the perfect time to launch it.
4. Better camera: 8 MegaPixel, maybe.
5. Full HD video recording: 1080p, just like what flagship phones by other companies can deliver.

iPhone4 Glass-sandwich design vs. iPad2 Glass-front, Metal-back, tapered sides design : Which one will iPhone5 get?

Not sure about this. iPhone4 design is still fresh but it's faulty (antenna issues, remember?). I don't think making it even thinner will alleviate the issue. If iPhone5 gets iPad2's design, it will look just like an iPod Touch.

iPhone5 is definitely coming this year. And we're as excited as you about it.
Keep tuning in for updates.


  1. wahaha, technology is so fast.. better be waiting for the best.. :))

  2. im going to the iphone4-like design rumour... remember iphone3 and iphone 3gs? will there also be iphone4gs(?) before the iphone 5?

  3. Well if thats so. I cant wait for the Iphone 6 and the Apple Ipad3 coming this late 2012 or early 2013 in the U.S.  

  4. if ever, this phone will come out with a smaller sim (smaller than the micro sim) so i expect globe exclusive nnman cguro to 

  5. Definitely not going to buy any more iPhones in Philippines if they are going to remain locked to Globe.

    Short trip to Hong Kong, cheaper and unlocked


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