Windows Phone 7 Mango : 7 New Features, Demo Video

I have a feeling Windows Phone 7 will be really hot next year (I mean, Nokia's gonna carry the OS. If the goal is to make the platform 'popular', how can you go wrong with that?), so we might as well start to familiarize ourselves with its neat features as early as now.

windows phone 7 mango

Last night, 'Mango', the latest build of Microsoft's mobile OS was finally unveiled in a preview event in New York. Mango comes seven months after the release of the first batch of Windows Phone 7 smartphones, which were praised by geeks but failed to actually captivate the public.

The update will come as a free download to existing WP7 handsets and will ship on new phones in Q3 from companies like HTC, LG, Samsung and even new ones including Acer, ZTE and Fujitsu. Next year, Mango will be available via new WP7 phones from Microsoft's biggest mobile partner, Nokia.

Here's Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Windows Phone, showing off some of the new features of Mango --

Here are 7 fresh features that we can expect to see in this update;

1. Better browsing experience with mobile version of IE9 and HTML5 rendering capabilities
2. Local Scout location-aware search letting users know what's hot and happening wherever they are
3. Bing Vision product searching and App Connect, which I think is just an improved version of Google Goggles
4. Multitasking with new card interface similar to what we see on WebOS
5. Better email experience with threads and combined inbox for multiple accounts
6. Grouping social networking contacts
7. Unified threads for Facebook Chat, SMS and LIVE Messenger

I'm on iOS, Android, Symbian^3, BlackBerry OS and Maemo. I must admit I haven't actually had the chance to play with a WP7 device extensively. Off hand though, the demos look great. So yeah, I'm greatly looking forward to also owning a Mango phone soon.


  1. The web-based Marketplace will
    let its users select and buy any of those 17,000 apps available on its platform
    on a web browser and can be transferred to their Window phone over the air. The
    option of using SMS in case of non availability of the web marketplace service
    is a smart move from Microsoft thus enabling its users to turn on the
    broadcasted service before even the software is downloaded and installed. Also
    the company expecting the users to install the apps in the background is fair
    enough. Another milestone set by the PC giant and also a challenge for the
    androids is the Multitasking feature on the Mango OS. The prime focus of Mango
    being the is also something to look out for enhanced cloud integration and
    better platform tools for developers is a noteworthy highlight.

  2. Awesome! Mango rules! - not a member yet? join now!

  3. you should really give wp7 a try. it's super smooth the the experience is better than with ios or android. the only downside is the apps marketplace. there are not too many apps yet. but with the popularity of mango now, i hope more devs will work on wp7 apps.


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