Nokia X3 Touch and Type Email Application Demo Video

Wondering how email looks like on Nokia X3 Touch and Type?

nokia x3 touch and type email application
Looks good in Pink

Well, I've taken the liberty of shooting a demo video showing the mail interface of the device. If you will, check it out --

I have it in Blue - my fave color!

As you can see in the clip,

1. You can access Mail straight from the home screen via the widget.
2. You can add multiple accounts (Ovi, Yahoo, Gmail, Windows Live, Hotmail, etc).
3. You have a touch-friendly interface that allows you to compose, send, read, reply, forward, delete, sort and add star to emails.

Isn't that nice?

Nokia X3 Touch and Type is still available in the market. It has a suggested retail price of Php 8,560 only. I hope you can check it out. I really like this phone.

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  1. i want the pink one but it's still expensive.hehe


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