GMA News Online Twitter Account Hacked by a Pervert!

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It must be the weather.

GMA News Online has just re-established control of its official Twitter account after it was high-jacked by a perverted hacker at around 1:50 this morning -- to the relief of the site's tens of thousands of Twitter followers.

gma hacked
Credit: GMA News Online Twitter Account

UPDATE: So here's what actually happened --
There are two separate hackers involved here. First was d4rkb1t who got hold of the password of the account and leaked it. And second was this pervert, who used the password to enter the account and post profanities.

Apparently, the hacker took over the account just to make his bed-weather fantasy known to all Kapuso-s. So what was IT exactly?

gma hacked

Downright nasty. I'm sure Iza Calzado is not feeling a bit flattered. Tsk. Tsk.

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  1. This is not true! I D4rkB1t did not twit those malicious stuff!


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