Facebook Philippines : Should FB Open an Office in The Social Networking Capital of the World?

The numbers don't lie: Nowhere else in the world is Facebook more loved than in the Philippines.

facebook philippines
Even TP Founder, Mark Milan, is on FB almost 24/7!

Filipinos love Facebook so much that FB has become the most popular website in the country, even more so than Google, with an incredibly high penetration rate of 93.9%! In fact, the Philippines is the #1 country in the world when it comes to percentage of internet users registered on Facebook --

1. Philippines 93.9%
2. Israel 91%
3. Turkey 90.9%
4. Chile 90.2%
5. Argentina 89.2%
6. Malaysia 88.4%
7. Indonesia 87.5%
8. Peru 87.2%
9. Colombia 86.9%
10. Venezuela 86.2%
Source: 24/7 Wall St.

All that love and Facebook doesn't even have an office here. Tsk. Tsk.

Come on now, FB! Won't you show Pinoys some love and open a hideout in The Social Networking Capital of the World?

TP Friends, do you think it's high time for Facebook to open an office in the Philippines? Let 'em know by placing your vote below --


  1.  The purpose of this office being?

  2. Let them set up an office here.  Yahoo! has an office in the Philippines so why not Facebook too.   I'm sure Filipinos have some ideas on how to improve Facebook.

  3. LOL what an idea, but I go for that one~


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