Proud Men More Sexually Attractive Than Smiling Men, Says Research

Does smiling make a man more attractive to women? Not quite, says a study.

Research findings on the sexual attractiveness of displays of pride and shame recently published in the American Psychological Association journal Emotion state that women are least attracted to smiling or happy men and actually prefer those who look proud and powerful or even moody and ashamed.

More attractive than you smiling.

Why is this so? According to the researchers from University of British Columbia, it's because sexual attraction is shaped by evolutionary theories and cultural forces suggesting that displays of pride by males (chin up, chest out) imply status and competence.

Why is 'smiling' not THAT sexually attractive? As yet, we don't have clear answers. The researchers say more studies need to be done to understand this.


  1. Where's the link to the study?

  2. kaya nga proud ako eh! eheheheheh

  3. Now I know. I should limit myself from smiling especially when facing girls.

  4. di totoo yan! haha!   :D


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