McDonalds McFloat TVC Shows iPads are for Grandpas Too!

I've been seeing this McDo television commercial on primetime for quite sometime already.

mcdonalds tvc

Shows two grandpas hanging out in McDo, checking out what teens around them are wearing and doing, and realizing that nothing has changed. Until their friend 'Kulot' arrives with three cups of McFloat, points at the First Generation iPad on their table and says, "Uy! Andaming bagong apps ngayon ah!"

Watch the TVC for the punchline:

Old Man1: Checkered? Luma na Yan (That's already old).

Old Man2: Yung sumbrero pare (Cap?), Dati na 'yan (That's old).

Old Man1: Pakape kape pa ah (Coffee?).

Old Man2: Parang tayo lang dati yan (Just like us before).

Old Man3: *Inviting*

Old Man2: Himala, nagblow-out si kulot (It's a miracle. Blow-out from Kulot?).

Old Man 3: Uy! *points at the iPad* Ang daming bagong Apps ngayon ah (Hey! There are a lot of new apps now.).

Old Man 2: Konti na lang memory ko eh..... Sino ka na nga? (I have little memory left... Who are you again?)!

Haha. Nice.


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