Who is D4RKB1T : Hacker of GMA News Online Facebook, Twitter and Website Talks to TechPinas!

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Last midnight, while most of the Philippines was asleep, a hacker who calls himself 'd4rkb1t' (Dark Bit) took over GMA News' official website, and Facebook and Twitter accounts with seemingly unclear motives.


dark bit

In the service of truth, we at TechPinas: The Philippine Technology Blog did our best to get in touch with Alias d4rkbit to ask him/her the relevant questions. Here's the transcript of our email correspondence with the much-talked about hacker --

1. So what's your true intention in hacking GMA News' website and social networking accounts?

Dark Bit: I found these [security] flaws 2 months ago. Emailed the admin countless times - no response. I thought - I wasn't being taken seriously. So, made an statement to them. I actually even did it at midnight to make less people be hassled, if it was in the morning alot of people would be mad because most are reading news(like me).

2. Profanities were posted on GMA News Online's Twitter account. Did you do that?

Dark Bit: I leaked the username and password of the Twitter account of GMANews. I D4rkB1t did not twit those malicious stuff!

3. What would be your message to that pervert who used the password to post those nasty words? Would you know who he/she is?

Dark Bit: No message really, I'm doing everything to get a hold of him/her and DOX(google:DoXing) him. I still have no idea, who it was. But I know it was multiple arrogant people.

4. Any message to the Kapuso-s who felt bad about what happened?

Dark Bit: I would say sorry. But I did it on purpose so its still my bad. But yea, I'm sorry for the brief interruption.

5. Would be willing to give us an idea as to who you really are? Any clues? Any final words?

Dark Bit: As of now, no. But I will keep in touch. Thanks alot...
Final words: "Webdevs should expect more attacks in the coming weeks."



Disclosure: We were given permission by d4rkb1t to publish his answers. And we are in no way related to him/her. We just did this interview because the public needs to know the truth.


  1. too bad for GMA. But dark bit has a point there, they should took the flaws seriously. 

  2. If only the webadmins of GMA's site watched Die Hard 4, they would have realized that tips about your system's security should be taken very seriously...unless you want to be profoundly screwed up the ass by the tech-wizard that found the security lapses in the first place. 

  3. na hacked nya rin yung philboxing website nung laban ni pacquiao vs mosley..search nyo na lang "d4rkb1t philboxing"

  4. wow.cool. two thumbs up. would it be better if you post the screenshots of the email?

  5. I am not Spanish by the way. Yes I gave them the permission to post our email conversation.


    (guess, I still have this GMANews.tv account from DISQUS.)

  6. http://www.facebook.com/pages/D4rkB1t/186455868072204

    This will be my official facebook. I will post active attacks and warnings...

  7. Two Thumbs Ups to d4rkb1t. That's what happen if hackers are not being treated seriously like what happen to GMA. Next up is ABS-CBN and then TV-5. Hack those Big network...

  8. Check this out...


  9. haha buti nga may ganyan na hacker... para magkaroon naman ng thrill at trabaho ung mga tambay sa trabaho haha

  10. Will D4rkB1t stop his hacking venture when the sites put up new security safeguards? Or will he stop only when these new safeguards are completely alien to him—when his hacking skills cannot crack them anymore? http://pisara.me


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