Download Bad Piggies for Free via Android Play Store Now! Quick Demo of Rovio's Newest Mobile Game!

Rovio has just released a new game that presents an exciting twist to the story of its best-selling and popular title, Angry Birds.

You've helped our avian friends retaliate on the evil bovines for stealing their eggs. Now, Rovio lets you play on the side of the Bad Piggies!

Create carts and flying machines to steer the green and sly bovines safely to their destination! The tricky pigs have all the tools they can use but they need your help to turn these into the perfect transport!

download bad piggies free
Bad Piggies, which features 60 exciting levels for hours upon hours of entertainment, is now available for free via Android Play Store and for only $0.99 at iOS App Store.

I downloaded the free HD version of game on my Samsung Galaxy Note a few minutes ago and recorded this quick demo of the first level. Check out my clip:

Fun, eh? What are you waiting for? Download and install the game on your smartphone now!