Tattoo Black Globe 4G LTE Plans To Be Launched on September 27, 2012 : Confirmed!

Last Friday, TechPinas promptly received an invitation from Globe Telecom for the formal launch of Tattoo Black happening on September 27, 2012 in Makati City, Philippines.

tattoo black

Like what we earlier disclosed and featured on TP, Tattoo Black is the premium Globe 4G LTE mobile broadband stick, powering two plans; Tattoo Black Plan 1799 and Tattoo Black Elite 2499, which both offer the fastest mobile speeds currently available matched with unparalleled customer service and exclusive perks and freebies.

Tattoo Black Plan 1799 comes with free USB dongle and delivers speeds of up to 28 Mbps. Customers will be given the option to upgrade to "SuperStick" for a minimum additional charge of only Php 150 a month. (We've yet to find out what SuperStick does exactly or how the Tattoo Black dongle actually looks. So yeah, we're looking forward to get to know more about them during the event.) Tattoo Black Plan 1799 subscribers will likewise enjoy nationwide concierge assistance and discounts at Globe's partner establishments.

Tattoo Black Plan 2499, on the other hand, runs at speeds of up to 42 Mbps and comes with Globe's premium line-up of broadband consumer services, which include priority handling in stores, a dedicated hotline, and a personal relationship manager to handle all Tattoo Black customer needs. Plan 2499 subscribers will also enjoy exclusive perks like complimentary tickets to Tattoo parties, credit limit extension, MIASCOR Lounge Access Extension Card, and priority reservation on Globe's bundled tablets and smartphones.

On Thursday, we'll know for sure if Globe Telecom will be implementing a data cap on either plans like what Smart will be doing starting October 25, 2012 for its Smart LTE Plan 3500. Again, here's to hoping Globe will just keep their LTE service unlimited (or at least set a more than reasonable, quite generous cap) throughout the entire subscription period like what they're known to deliver in their other mobile data plans. (Heck, I hope Smart would also do it.) I mean, that would be such a good strategy to entice consumers to try out these rather pricey plans, right?