Nokia Belle Refresh : A Stellar Update That Came A Tad Too Late

I'll tell it straight: Had Nokia's smartphones during the time of Nokia N8 shipped with Nokia Belle Refresh, Android would have never had taken off like it did.

nokia belle refresh

I finally got the firmware update on 'the second best cameraphone phone in the world' last week and I'm thoroughly impressed with the level of smoothness I'm getting; The transitions feel totally snappier and the touch response on the home screen - at least - rivals what you'll get on any mid-level to high-end Android handset out in the market.

It's far from perfect; The default keyboard still feels cramped and I'd still pick Opera Mobile over Symbian browser anytime -- but at least it's finally on the right track.

I know it's a tad too late now to be pointing fingers and to imagine what could have happened had smartphone consumers got something like this from the Finnish company back in 2010. But I think there's a big lesson to be learned here that other manufacturers and OS developers would do well to take note of.

I honestly feel that Symbian team got complacent largely because of Nokia's immense success and the giant's lack of true competition for more than a decade. Isn't it incredible how fast they revamped the OS when Android overtook Symbian handsets in terms of sales and when Nokia finally ditched the platform in favor of Windows Phone? Had the team had this sense of urgency sooner, maybe things would have panned out in their favor.

Anyway. If you own a Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia X7, Nokia E7, Nokia 500, Nokia 700, Nokia 701, or Nokia C6-01, kindly check out our How to Update Nokia Symbian Smartphone post to help you get Belle Refresh running on your smartphone.

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