Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Nokia Lumia 920 Camera Prowess Comparison

To say that Samsung Galaxy S3 slays Nokia Lumia 920 in all departments isn't just narrow-minded and misguided; It's also downright wrong.

Last night, I stumbled upon this video by MobileGeeks comparing Samsung's 2012 top-of-the-line Android release with Nokia's recently announced WP8 PureView flagship handset. They talked a bit about the display, the processor, and the size of each device but the true highlight would have to be the camera prowess comparison. Here's the clip, check it out:

While both phones will give you practically the same size of photos at top resolution -- i.e., 8 MegaPixels for Samsung Galaxy S3 and 8.7 MegaPixels for Nokia Lumia 920, the latter's PureView imaging features, Carl Zeiss optics, plus its larger sensor, combine to deliver outstanding photos even in dim lighting conditions.

nokia lumia 920 vs samsung galaxy s3
Above, we have a shot taken using Nokia Lumia 920.

nokia lumia 920 vs samsung galaxy s3
Here's the same subject captured without flash using Samsung Galaxy S3, which - mind you - already has a back-illuminated sensor (similar to what you'll find on the iPhone 4S) that's supposed to help the phone capture brighter and clearer images in not so well-lit environments.

nokia lumia 920 vs samsung galaxy s3
This one was also taken using Samsung Galaxy S3 but with this time, with flash.

I think the images pretty much speak for themselves. Nokia Lumia 920, based at least on these comparison shots from MobileGeeks, is the clear winner when it comes to imaging capabilities. While its PureView features are not quite at par with what you'll get on Nokia 808 PureView, which remains to be the best cameraphone in the world as of writing, I guess we can safely say that in its high-end price category, Nokia Lumia 920 is really the phone to beat when it comes to taking photos.

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