Facebook for iOS and Twitter for iOS : How Apple Made iOS6 More Social and Notifications Tab, More Useful

They're not really some of the new features that Apple highlighted during the official announcement of iOS6 nor iPhone 5.

But I actually ended up appreciating them a whole lot more than the much hyped Apple Maps, Passbook, and even the new Siri.

facebook for ios
With iOS6 - which is now available via over-the-air firmware update for iPhone 4S, The New iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPad2, and iPhone 3GS - Apple has made it a lot easier for users to Tweet or to update their Facebook status. All you have to do is to launch the Notifications Tab by swiping down from the top frame and tapping on either of the new Twitter for iOS or Facebook for iOS buttons. Frankly, I think this - thus far - is the most useful feature of the Notifications Tab; So yeah, thumbs up, Apple!

facebook for ios
Not only will you be able to quickly update your FB status while using other applications or playing games but you also won't have to open Facebook's rather slow, often buggy, and quite annoying official app to do so. Now, isn't that - uhm - relieving to know? Oh, and if you like getting that 'posted via iOS' line (or something like it) on your FB status updates, this is how you get it.

twitter for ios
Right now, it won't allow you to attach photos or videos to your Tweets and status updates but I think it's a good initial version. I'm sure Apple will add these functionality and - hopefully - a lot more to these buttons via future firmware updates. 

So I guess these Facebook for iOS and Twitter for iOS buttons in the notifications tab combined with Facebook Integration in Safari and the Photo and Video Gallery truly make iOS6 more of Apple's Social Update for its ultra-popular mobile operating system. Android handsets as well as Jailbroken iDevices have had similar features for years but I think it's great to know that Apple itself is finally doing something to catch up.