Cherry Mobile P1 Price Php 599 : Pairs with your Smartphone, Unboxing and Demo by PinoyScreencast

Local electronics giant Cherry Mobile has just lowered the SRP of the 2013 iteration of its best-selling Cherry Mobile P1 basic handset with alpha-numeric keypad.

From having a price tag of Php 799 earlier this year, you can now purchase the latest version of Cherry Mobile P1 for only Php 599.

Cherry Mobile P1

I own this handset and what I particularly like about it is that, apart from working like a regular feature phone with FM Radio and music playback capabilities, you can also use it as an extension of your more expensive smartphone. It pairs with your Android handset via Bluetooth and lets you access your inbox and call history as well as send SMS and make calls even while your smartphone is secure in your bag. It also pairs with an iPhone but you can only use it for browsing your audio tracks and listening to music.

Here's a video by fellow Pinoy tech blogger Randolph Novino of PinoyScreencast where he unboxed and gave a quick hands-on and extensive features demo of Cherry Mobile P1 2013. Check it out, TP Friends:

If you commute or move around a lot and you own a smartphone, I'd recommend that you consider getting P1. Keep your pricey handset safe inside your bag - away from the prying eyes of "mandurukots" and "holdapers" - and use the very affordable Cherry Mobile P1 to read and send text messages and make calls using the number that's on your far more expensive device. It doesn't guarantee the complete safety of your smartphone but, at least, the fact that you're not flaunting it in public places somehow helps you protect it from bad people who are always on the look out for items that they can steal or snatch.