Toni Gonzaga is Acer Philippines' New Celebrity Endorser and Ambassador

"I'm running out of words to describe [Toni Gonzaga]. You know, we have gone through some names [of celebrities] but when Toni's name came up - we had the data - and Toni is the right choice. One, not only is she a pretty and talented person, she can sing, she [has also written] songs. She sings, she dances, she is a very good professional TV host, and [most] importantly, she is a very religious person, a very [family-oriented] person [who's] upholding right and good values with integrity. All of these qualities are very important and [they are] what we are looking for [in an endorser]. Healthy image, active, and really has lots of followers, of course. All the guys here are fans," shared Mr. Manuel Wong - President of Acer Philippines - when asked by Mr. Mario Dumaual of ABS-CBN News why the Taiwanese electronics giant chose Kapamilya star Toni Gonzaga as the brand's newest celebrity ambassador in the country.

Toni Gonzaga, Acer
Last night - August 27, 2014, I graced Acer Philippines' invitation for the public unveiling of their new endorser as well as company's 2014 line of Android smartphones and tablets at the MetroTent in Pasig City. After which, a press conference was held at the Marco Polo Hotel.

Toni Gonzaga likewise expressed her gratitude for being chosen to promote the worldwide brand. She told the media, "One thing I'm really thankful for with this new partnership that I have with Acer is that it just made my life more convenient with these multitasking features and especially with the kind of lifestyle that I live, I need a phone that can keep up with me, so I'm very thankful that I'm now a part of the Acer family. Acer has been in the business for so many years, it's been trusted worldwide and I couldn't be any prouder to represent a brand. Actually, I shared it a while ago that my first laptop was Acer and it's good to be back with my first love."

TP Friends, as I've shared, getting a celebrity endorser has always been a surefire way to heavily promote a brand in the Philippines. Why? Well, a lot of Pinoys love watching TV and eavesdropping on the lives of local talents. That's just how it is in this market.

I think the fact that Acer has gone with a "heavyweight" endorser like Toni Gonzaga only shows that the brand has become more serious in grabbing the attention of consumers -- especially in the mobile market (smartphones and tablet) where Asus - one of Acer's staunch rivals in the PC category - is now starting to build a solid following.

I do hope though that apart from tapping local celebrities, Acer Philippines would likewise become more active and aggressive in working with technology bloggers like what Asus and other major brands - both local and international - are now doing. I mean, I think the results would speak for themselves.