Fake News Headlines with ABS-CBN and TV5 Logos Spreading on Facebook and Twitter

Just because a headline screengrab has the logo of a trusted media outlet does not necessarily mean that the story is true and that the news actually came from that source.

Fake Headlines ABS-CBN

In line with yesterday's ABS-CBN News article about fabricated and distorted news reports and articles crafted from online posts by legitimate media organizations, I want to warn the public about these fake big headline screen captures that are now spreading like wildfire in social networking sites.

These images are made by trolls who - as so eloquently put by Paul Henson - "are very active these days, prowling on genuine news stories, tampering with the headlines, and setting their inanities loose on social media, much to the detriment of netizens who are after legitimate news and information." And what's even worse is that they are now daringly and nonchalantly using the logos of ABS-CBN and TV5 programs to make their fake reports more believable. I mean, it's obvious that they are not scared of anyone.

Fake Headlines TV5
It remains unclear whether trolls are merely doing this for fun or with a bigger goal in mind.

According to ABS-CBN, here's what you should do when you encounter these fake headlines that are supposedly attributed to legit media entities while browsing your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds:

Read before you share. Resist the tendency to immediately share a juicy headline because you might be sharing a tampered one. Click the link first and read the article to see if it is legitimate (Is there attribution to sources? Are the facts like names, dates, places detailed clearly?)

Do a Google search. If you are still unsure after the reading the article, if the piece sounds too crazy or outrageous, do a Google search on the topic. If the article is authentic, there is a big chance that other legitimate media organizations will carry a version of that story.

If it’s fake, don’t share. If you see an article of [any media outlet] that’s been tampered with, call the [attention of the organization by emailing, Tweeting, or sending them a Facebook message and they'll take it from there.]

Refuse to fall as prey or victim to these horrible online trolls! Think before you click, TP Friends!