New LG Washing Machine Kills Germs and Bacteria with Heat for Total Clothing Hygiene

Your clothes may be stain-free but are you sure that they are free from germs? Hideous germs aren't only everywhere but they are also extremely tough and resilient. They cling to clothes, hiding dormant in tight spaces between threads and weaves until they are stimulated to release foul odor by sweat.

But it's not just the ugly stench that you need to worry about.

Hygiene has been given critical importance in today’s age when communicable diseases are on the rise and have become primary concerns. From the food they eat to the things they use, consumers are now becoming more and more health-conscious. Even clothing hygiene is given premium nowadays especially since clothes can harbor harmful microorganisms which can be transmitted to others when the clothes are reused.

In response to this, global technology leader LG Electronics introduces its latest line of washing machines which offer the ultimate cleaning performance and improved hygiene benefits with its newest powerful heaters.

With the top loader’s high performance heaters equipped inside a fully-stainless steel tub, warm washing of up to 60 degrees Celsius becomes possible, effectively cleaning and ensuring total clothing hygiene care.

LG’s latest washers also have a Stain Care course where the internal temperature is increased up to 40 degrees Celsius for efficient stain removal, and an Allergy Care course which eliminates allergy-causing germs and bacteria from the cloths by raising the temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

LG Washing Machine Philippines

Based on a test by multinational inspection, product testing and certification company, Intertek, LG’s top loaders are capable of effectively cleaning and sterilizing the washer tub of up to 99.99 percent.

“With our top loaders’ heating capability, it reduces dirt and germs in the clothes and in the tub itself, providing utmost hygiene care,” Mr. Youngmin Chae - Vice President for LG Philippines’ Home Appliances - said.

Aside from its heating feature, LG washers also have the Inverter Direct Drive which utilizes an accurate control system that enables the 6 Motion technology. Each wash cycle combines up to six different wash motions—wave force, agitating, rubbing, compressing, rotating and swing—producing results like hand-washed clothes.

Mr. Chae said, “With the heating feature combined with the 6 Motion technology, LG is truly transforming a usually tedious washing experience to an easier, lighter and a more effective one.”

He continued, “LG recognizes the significance of health and hygiene, thus, we always strive to innovate products that answer these, enhancing the lives of our consumers. Through our newest line of top loaders which use heaters to clean the clothes and the tub itself, we are making it possible for our consumers to not just have clean clothes, but sterile and germ-free as well.

The biggest capacity which has the heating feature is 17 kilograms (top load). LG WF-S120V washing machine which has a 12 kg top load and an Inverter Direct Drive is now on sale at Abenson with price tag of Php 26,095 -- that's Php 2,900 less than its Php 28,995 regular suggested retail price.