Girl Electrocuted in Her Sleep by Apple iPhone 4S

This is a sad, sad story and I'm only sharing it because I don't want any of you or your loved ones to experience this horrible tragedy. I hope we all learn something from this.

Last week, an 18 year old girl from China - who has not been named - was electrocuted beyond recognition by an Apple iPhone 4S that she left charging beside her in bed while she was sleeping.

According to WantChinaTimes, "The victim's older sister found the victim in the house they rented together on July 24. She smelled burning after returning home and found her sister lying dead in her room, with substantial burns to her body and a smashed iPhone screen beside her. Expert from the Korla branch of the Forensic Science Association of China found livor mortis on the victim's neck, hands, and left leg. The report concluded that the victim had suffered death from electrocution."

DailyMail added, "It is not clear if the woman was using an authentic Apple charger, or a cheap counterfeit version which have been linked to other fatalities."

Girl Electrocuted by iPhone

Last year, a 23 year old flight attendant in Xinjiang, China (shown in the photo above) also died while charging her iPhone with a cheap third-party charger.

The sister of the teenage victim shared on Sina Weibo that the burnt iPhone 4S was bought last winter from Urumqi - a known commercial center in China - for US $325. She reminded people to be careful when using mobile phones. The said retailer of the Apple iPhone 4S visited the victim's family's house last July 27, 2014 and is negotiating with the family over damages and compensation.

So how do you prevent this from happening to you or anyone you hold dear? Here are my tips:

1. Only purchase gadgets from reliable and trusted retailers.
2. Never ever buy cheap counterfeit chargers and accessories.
3. Charge your smartphones, tablets, and other devices in a safe place away from your bed before sleeping.
4. Never sleep with your gadgets still in your bed. Remember that Samsung Galaxy S4 which caught fire from under a girl's pillow while she was asleep because it was smothered by beddings?
5. Never use your smartphone while it's charging and your hands are soaking wet. Wipe your hands and let it dry first then carefully unplug your handset.

Stay safe, TP Friends! Remember: Be responsible gadget owners.
Got other life saving tips you wanna share? Kindly post them in the comments section below.