PLDT Home DSL Customer Service Hotline via Smart Prepaid or Postpaid Number

A strong typhoon has just passed by Luzon and understandably so, my neighbors and I are currently having problems with our PLDT Home DSL connection. It still works but it's not as fast and reliable as expected.

I guess some of the lines here in Metro Manila were hit or damaged by the 205 kph winds.

Sadly, my PLDT Landline is also not working so I can't use it to get in touch with PLDT to let them know that we need help.

Good thing, I have to get work done online and to send my deliverables to my clients abroad so my internet connection is very precious to me.

Good thing I remembered that I can actually use my Smart Prepaid number to call PLDT Toll-Free and talk to a customer support representative.

PLDT Home DSL Customer Service

If you're also having problems with both your PLDT Home DSL and PLDT Landline, you can also get in touch with the company using your Smart number simply by dialing 171.

A recorded message will guide you through the process, which doesn't really take that long. You just have to make sure that you know your PLDT Home DSL's landline number with area code as well as the name of the account holder. If you're calling on behalf of other people and their accounts, you can just let the agent know that other users in your street are also experiencing the same issue.

You can get in touch with PLDT Home DSL Customer Service Hotline from Mondays to Fridays 8:00 AM to 7:00 AM as well as Saturdays and Sundays 8:00 AM to 5:00 AM. Their Voice-Recorded HelpDesk, on the other hand, is available 24-7.

To my fellow Filipinos who are living in areas hit by the typhoon, stay safe, take care, and God bless!

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