Symbianize Forum Closes, Admins To Open A New Website

It's the end of an era -- and the start of a new one.

When I was just starting out as a technology blogger in 2008, I spent many hours reading insightful and informative posts and topics about smartphones and mobile operating systems on

That forum was truly a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom coming from users themselves who were generous enough to share to others what they know about gadgets and technology.


Yesterday - September 5, 2018, a friend told me - over coffee - that Symbianize has officially ended its operations. I didn't believe it at first but I when I visited the website and I saw the admin's 'closing time' message, it finally dawned on me. Sad.

The good thing, though, is that the forum owners will be coming up with another website, which is set to be at the forefront of fresh innovations in the mobile scene.

According to them, "When our Forum re-opens (and it will, in the coming days), we will be all known under new collective name. We will no longer be called Symbianizers. The way we see it, we have two choices. Don't join us, be a Symbianizer for life and find a new home elsewhere that suits your interest. Or join us, bring back the glory of learning and sharing as we face the new frontier of technology."

Well, that's definitely relieving.

For those who may be wondering, the name "Symbianize" is based on the legendary "Symbian" operating system of Nokia N-Series smartphones during the Golden Days of the Finnish Giant's mobile business. Symbian started it all and clearly inspired the creation of Android and (perhaps even) iOS operating systems.

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