Vivo V11 Philippines Launch is in September 2018, Has 11 Amazing Features

Since both its erstwhile rivals from China - OPPO and Huawei - have already released their hero midrange smartphone models for the second half of 2018, it's but natural for Vivo to also make its move and launch its much anticipated competing device.

Although the company has yet to disclose official details about the Vivo V11, interesting tidbits about this exciting new handset are now surfacing online.

Vivo V11

For one, we already know more or less how it will look -- thanks to press photos that were quietly leaked on the internet last week.

As you can see in the image above, Vivo V11 will look a lot like the flagship-level Vivo X21, replete with a curved glass back panel, Dual Rear Camera module, tapered sides, and rounded corners.

What's different, though, is that this midrange model will have a very small, round notch that appears to only house the front-facing camera. Aside from that, Vivo V11 has a gradient color finish, which has become a trend these days among Chinese handset manufacturers.

Apart from its eye-catching design, this hero model is expected to also sport these amazing features that will surely delight many consumers:

1. Large and clear display to delivering a compelling video-viewing, web-browsing, and 3D gaming experience.

2. A good processor that powers the phone's AI features and makes the device a good option for budget-conscious power users and mobile gamers.

3. Generous amount of RAM and internal storage for smooth multitasking experience even when running multiple heavy games and applications at the same time.

4. Enough slots so you won't have to sacrifice Dual SIM capability just to get more space for your files.

5. Large battery that can be charged quickly for getting multiple hours of talk time after just plugging the handset to an electrical outlet for a few minutes.

6. Front and Back cameras that automatically figure out what's in front of the lenses and adjusts settings accordingly to deliver the best image possible.

7. Front cam that gives you the clearest selfies that still look like you even after beautification effect.

8. Rear camera set-up that lets you snap portrait, food, and product shots with luscious bokeh effect.

9. A feature that recognizes who's in the front camera even in low light settings.

10. A technology that's unique to Vivo handsets as of today.

(11. Gradient Finish)

Of all of these specifications or characteristics, 'Feature #10' is the one that's particularly special about the Vivo V11 compared to its top rivals.

This innovation enhances user experience as you won't have to flip the phone over to unlock it when it's placed on the table. Also, using thumb for this procedure when you're holding the device is more intuitive and natural.

Currently, Vivo holds the patent for this technology and it's actually great that the company has chosen to put it on a mid-level handset that's expected to be far more affordable than the flagship release, Vivo X21.

Right now, I'm just hoping that Vivo V11 will have an official suggested retail price that's below PHP 20,000 to make it a truly compelling offer -- in the face of many incredible midrange handsets by Vivo's competitors in our country.

Vivo V11 is expected to be officially released in the Philippines within September 2018 -- most likely by the middle or the tail-end of the month. Stay tuned for updates!

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