Apple iPhone XS Max Clone Surfaces Ahead of The Original

Apple Inc. is already slated to officially lift the veil on their 2018 iPhone models on September 12, 2018 -- but clearly, smartphone clone manufacturers from China just couldn't wait any longer to release their copies of the Cupertino company's new handsets.

In fact, an anonymous Youtube user from China has just uploaded a video of what appears to be a working clone of the upcoming 6.5-inch version of the Apple iPhone XS, which some "insiders" are now calling Apple iPhone XS Max.

Apple iPhone XS Max Clone

Previously known as the Apple iPhone X Plus or XS Plus, the rumored Apple iPhone XS Max will simply be a larger version of the iPhone X look-alike, Apple iPhone XS.

It is believed that the genuine 2018 Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max will both have the all-new Apple A12 processor, which is expected to lead the mobile industry in terms of raw processing and graphics performance. Also, the two models will share the same imaging hardware and capabilities as well as amount of RAM and internal storage.

Apple iPhone XS Max Clone

Anyway. Back to this clone.

It is obvious that its manufacturers based its design and build on what we currently see on the Apple iPhone X, which is smart since the look and construction of this year's iPhones are expected to be based on that landmark release.

Apple iPhone XS Max Clone

This clone appears to have a real metal mid-frame that's sandwiched in between two sheets of glass.

However, considering that this one only sells for less than $150 USD, I think it has chrome-plastic elements in lieu of real metal and polished acrylic back plate instead of actual glass.

Apple iPhone XS Max Clone

As for this fake's operating system, it's Android 8.0 Oreo which has been heavily customized to look like iOS. Looking at the home screen, at least, they seem to have done a rather good job copying the genuine article.

Apple iPhone XS Max Clone

Note: As yet, all information that we know about the original 2018 Apple iPhone models are just based on hearsay or speculations by "insiders", Apple enthusiasts, and casual mobile consumers. At this point, only Apple knows for sure the exact design, build, feature set, and hardware of their yet-to-be-announced iPhones this year.

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