MSI-ECS CXO Innovation Summit 2018 at Shangri-La Mactan Cebu Keynote Speakers and Talk Videos

From November 9 to 11, 2018, I'll be staying here in Shangri-La Mactan Cebu for the first ever CXO Innovation Summit, which brings together some of the brightest minds, movers and shakers in ICT, tech evangelists, and Chief Information Officers in the enterprise technology solutions industry to share and explore fresh and innovative ideas in the field.

Mounted by tech giant MSI-ECS, the CXO Innovation Summit offers the right mix of leisure, discussions, and sessions all to strengthen the relationship of key stakeholders in the enterprise technology and ICT arenas as we all face the next wave of digital transformation.

CXO Innovation Summit empowers CIOs by offering proven solutions and best practices for various industries and business areas not only to promote competitiveness but also to help facilitate digital transformation efficiently and effectively.

MSI-ECS CXO Innovation Summit 2018

On Day One of the summit, I got the chance to listen to the keynote presentations of six executives from top-level global technology companies who discussed the latest solutions that they are currently offering to enterprise consumers and even to local governments.

I even recorded key sections of their talks - some, even in full - so I could share them to those who are interested in topics that they discussed.

Zdravka Paskaleva Newman

Ms. Zdravka Paskaleva Newman, Regional Lead of Cisco for Smart Cities, talked about the company's solutions called Cisco Kinetic that can help in the continuing journey of creating smart cities. Cisco Kinetic is utilizes digital technology through IoT sensors and cameras to enhance, protect, and connect the lives of citizens.

For those who are curious about how this platform works, Ms. Newman even gave a demonstantion on how the platform currently works in various smart cities around around the world including Jaipur in India and Barcelona in Spain.

Lope Doromal Jr

Mr. Lope Doromal Jr. - Chief Technologist & Client Technical Adviser, IBM Philippines Inc. - talked about Blockchain which is essentially an advanced tool to record and manage transactions of various users and agencies in the same network in a secure and reliable manner.

In the video above, Mr. Doromal shared a practical use of IBM Blockchain Solution in the Philippine scenario as in the case of OFW Remittances.

Tarun Gupta

Mr. Tarun Gupta, Regional Solutions Architect at Trend Micro, talked about False Horizons and Strategies for Enterprise Security.

For enterprise security professionals who want to always know the latest solutions in their field, I recorded the entirety of his presentation, which you can watch in the video above.

Patrick Low Huawei

Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies is currently one of the leaders in creating products that are powered by AI.

Huawei’s AI portfolio includes its all-new Ascend Series of AI processors, which are the world’s first AI IP and chip series designed for a full range of products and scenarios.

Mr. Patrick Low, Principal Architect at the CTO Office of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, talked about the different AI technologies that the company is offering to the enterprise market.

Nitin Vig

For CIOs in companies focusing on "Internet of Things", Mr. Nitin Vig - Service Provider Architect of Juniper for the Asia Pacific Region - talked about Enterprise Network Transformation for IoT

You can watch his 40-minute long Keynote Presentation in the video above.

Jay Tuseth

Finally, Mr. Jay Tuseth, Chief Strategy Officer at the Modern Data Centre of Dell EMC for Asia Pacific and Japan, talked about Digital Transformation.

According to him, Dell Digital Technology puts technology at the center of a company or organization's products and services to help improve its operations and to competitively differentiate itself, which can in turn benefit its customers.

In mounting the first CXO Innovation Summit, Mr. Jimmy Go - President and CEO of MSI-ECS - shared, "One of the key advantages of MSI-ECS is that we represent the top, the biggest, and the most reputable brands in the industry. We represent the whole suite of all important solutions in the ICT industry. [As regards attendants of CXO], we more than met our target; We want to be exposed to as many companies as possible. A lot of them came from Metro Manila; Some came from Cebu; Some came from Davao -- so it's a variety of companies. For the speakers, we have very good ones; Some came from Hong Kong; Some came from Singapore. I think the attendees are very happy with the speakers."

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