Converge FiberX Coverage Area Checker, Customer Service Hotline Number, Current Plans

Are you thinking about subscribing to a Converge ICT FiberX Postpaid Plan but you're not sure if your place of residence is covered by the company's ultra-fast fiber-optics-based internet services?

Well, let me tell you how to can quickly check if your Barangay is part of Converge's ever growing FiberX coverage area in Luzon.

Converge FiberX Coverage Area

It's actually very easy.

First, visit this link:

Second, enter your service location by filling in the boxes on the left part of the screen. Make sure you put in your Barangay number and exact address.

Third, just click on the 'Confirm' button.

If your area of residence is serviceable, you will get the green pop-up message with smiley as shown in the image above.

Currently, Converge ICT delivers FiberX connection to many areas in Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, Pampanga, Zambales, and Tarlac.

To get in touch with Converge ICT directly or to talk to their customer service agent, simply dial any of the following numbers depending on your need or location:

Converge FiberX Sales Hotline: (02) 6670848
Converge ICT Customer Experience Hotlines:
NCR - (02) 6670850
Regional - (045) 598 3000

As of writing, here are the unlimited FiberX Plans that Converge ICT is offering to potential subscribers.

The most affordable of which is FiberX Plan 25 Mbps with monthly fee of only PHP 1,500. The installation fee is PHP 2,500 and the required deposit is PHP 1,500. I would say that this should be good enough for most Filipino homes.

Converge FiberX Plan 25 MBPS

If you require even faster speeds, though, you can always sign up for FiberX Plan 50 Mbps for a recurring monthly fee of PHP 2,500, which is also the same amount you need to pay as your deposit.

Converge FiberX Plan 50 MBPS

For freelance 4K and 8K video creators and heavy online gamers, you can enjoy a whopping 100 Mbps with No Data Cap for only PHP 3,500 per month.

Converge FiberX Plan 100 MBPS

Unlimited FiberX Plan 300 Mbps, on the other hand, goes for PHP 4,500 with installation fee of PHP 2,500.

Converge FiberX Plan 300 MBPS

And finally, the fastest connection that Converge ICT offers as of today is FiberX Plan 500 Mbps, which I think is already good for small businesses like Cafes or Restaurants. SME Business owners can subscribe to this for only PHP 7,000 per month to allow their customers to enjoy free WiFi in their establishments.

Converge FiberX Plan 500 MBPS

Converge ICT is committed to provide pure end-to-end super fast fiber internet connection from their network facilities straight to Filipino Homes. Through great speeds and bandwidth that only Optical Fiber wires can deliver, the company ensures no loss in data transmission or even slowdown in internet connectivity.

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