Samsung to Apple : Show Us iPhone 5 and iPad 3!

If anything, Apple should be flattered.

It appears Samsung has found an ingenious way of avoiding being tagged a copycat in the future (remember Apple vs. Samsung court battle?). The Korean company's lawyers are now asking the Cupertino-company to give them final retail units (replete with packaging) of the next generation iPhone and iPad -- just so they'd know how NOT to design their next smartphones and tablets.

Makes sense for future devices. But then again, if I remember correctly, the lawsuit filed by Apple has something to do with Samsung copying past iDevices including iPhone 3Gs on newer products like Samsung Galaxy S.

Anyway, IF Apple agrees to Samsung's request, then Samsung might as well open an Apple Blog -- They can make a fortune with it.


  1. that's not the point samsung... you should stop getting ideas for your designs from the past generations of iphone/ipad. apple is just improving their past designs for their new generation products.

  2. This is a counterattack of Samsung against Apple. Just a few days earlier, Apple also requested for the next models of Samsung smartphones and tablets to be seen by their lawyers. This is like a boxing match! Good move Samsung.. Apple is a like a spoiled brat.

  3. What a troll.

  4. Seems to me their both just generating media attention to both of them.

  5. nakakatawa naman... kinasuhan ng APPLE ung SAMSUNG kasi ung galaxy s 3 daw kapareho ng iPhone. wahahahah pano nila nalaman un? ibig sabihin may espionage na nangyayari? baliw tong apple na to haha


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