BlackBerry Curve 9370 : Price, Specs, Photos - Guesstimated, Leaked!

This is how the yet-to-be-officially-announced next generation BlackBerry Curve smartphone looks li...
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HTC Desire HD Android 2.3 OTA Update - Out in the Philippines!

Great news for HTC Desire HD owners in the Philippines! HTC has started to roll out the Gingerbrea...
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Weather Widget and App Demo on HTC Desire HD - Video

HTC's weather widget isn't just gorgeous -- it's also highly accurate and very useful wh...
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Proud Men More Sexually Attractive Than Smiling Men, Says Research

Does smiling make a man more attractive to women? Not quite, says a study. Research findings on t...
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FriendStream Widget and App Demo on HTC Desire HD - Video

I'm always on Facebook and Twitter -- I love staying in touch with my folks, loved ones and my T...
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Smart Unli Call and Text 25 : Unlimited Calls and Texts to Smart, Talk 'N Text and Red for 25 Pesos!

With the new Smartalk UnliCall&Text25 , you can call and text ALL-YOU-CAN to over 46 million combined subscribers of Smart, Talk 'N...
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Samsung to Apple : Show Us iPhone 5 and iPad 3!

If anything, Apple should be flattered. It appears Samsung has found an ingenious way of avoiding ...
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Nokia N8 Pink - Price, Photos : Now Available in the Philippines!

The limited edition pink version of the best cameraphone in the world today is now out in the Phili...
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Who is D4RKB1T : Hacker of GMA News Online Facebook, Twitter and Website Talks to TechPinas!

TechPinas Exclusive! Last midnight, while most of the Philippines was asleep, a hacker who calls h...
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GMA News Online Twitter Account Hacked by a Pervert!

TechPinas Exclusive! It must be the weather. GMA News Online has just re-established control of...
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Best Facebook App for Android - FriendCaster

There are several good Facebook clients available in the Android Market. But I would have to say tha...
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McDonalds McFloat TVC Shows iPads are for Grandpas Too!

I've been seeing this McDo television commercial on primetime for quite sometime already. S...
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Nokia C6-01 Unboxing Video and Photos of the Smartphones We Are Giving Away!

As promised on our Facebook Community Page, here are photos of the Nokia C6-01 smartphones that we ...
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BlackBerry Torch 2 : Price, Specifications, Photos - Leaked, Guesstimated!

Seriously. Why do leaked photos of 'important technological artifacts' always look this bad?...
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Extinct Mammal Shows Up Alive! Poses for the Camera!

Earlier this month, a mammal thought to be extinct for 113 years suddenly showed up at the front door of an ecolodge in Colombia... alive! ...
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Intel Sandy Bridge : What is it Exactly?

"It runs on Sandy Bridge." We often hear this line from sales personnel when inquiring a...
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Cherry Mobile Android Phones : Price, Specs, Photos

We have the complete list of all CM Android phones out in the market as of the moment. Cherry Mobile Magnum HD Price as of May 2011 - Php...
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Vice Ganda Uses iPad on Showtime to Read Viewer Comments on Performances

Spotted! Gorgeous Globe Telecom celebrity endorser Vice Ganda uses First Generation Apple iPad ...
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Nokia C2-00 Philippines : Dual SIM Dual Standby, Easy SIM Swap Port, In the Flesh!

Nokia C2-00 Dual-SIM Dual-Standby phone has reached the Philippines! And TP Friends, TechPinas is...
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