Apple EarPods Philippines Price Php 1,490, Story : Three Years in the Making, Three Things That Make Them Special

I hope that when you finally get your iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation or iPod Nano 7th Generation in October or this coming Yuletide Season, you take time to appreciate the innovations that you'll find not just on your brand-new iDevice but also on the earphones that are included in the package.

apple earpods
It took Apple three years to design, develop, and create the new EarPods.

Not only do they look vastly different from the Cupertino company's old, generic earphones that shipped with iPad, iPhone, and iPod for free, Apple EarPods actually has three things that make them quite special;

1. The shape of the new Earpod is defined by the actual geometry of the human ear. - Apple three-dimensionally scanned hundreds upon hundreds of human ears and looked for a commonality or more specifically, a common volume across samples. That became a starting point for creating a unique form that will comfortably fit a broad range of ears.

apple earpods

2. EarPods are intentionally designed to direct sound right into the ear canal. - Unlike conventional earphones where the main earpiece is pressed against the Pinna or the outer ear, EarPods' earpiece grill directly faces or covers the opening of the ear canal so sound is more directly delivered into the inner ear.

apple earpods

3. EarPods have "ports", each with a unique purpose. A port at the back, for instance, is for tuning midrange frequencies and supposedly provides a more consistent listening experience. A port in the stem, on the other hand, helps deliver a rich, powerful bass sound and likewise optimizes acoustics. These ports also let air in and out of the sound chamber, helping ease the pressure in the outer speaker resulting in greater low frequency sound.

apple earpods

Looking forward to trying out a pair! Oh, and by the way, if you're not keen on purchasing the new iPhone or any member of the 2012 iPod line, you can still enjoy your music using EarPods by getting the gizmo separately. You can order your pair via Apple Store Online for only Php 1,490, shipment takes around 3-5 business days.

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