Friendster Belum Menyerah : Twitter Trending Topic - Meaning

Of course, we always root for the underdog.

Amidst Friendster's move to wipe out all photos, comments, groups and blogs created or uploaded by its users come May 31, 2011 - perhaps a sign that the company is already giving up its social networking services in the face of Facebook's continuous success, fans of the website (specifically those in Indonesia) have expressed their support for the pioneer social networking site.

Currently, the slogan "Friendster Belum Menyerah" is trending on Twitter --

friendster belum menyerah

What does this Indonesian line mean exactly? Quoting Google Translate --

friendster belum menyerah
Friendster is not surrendered. Or Friendster hasn't surrendered. Also, Friendster don't surrender.

I really want Friendster to not give up and to just continue reinventing its social networking features. But considering how strong Facebook is at this point, do you think it's still worth it?

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