Win an All Expense Paid Trip to Malaysia : JOIN NOW in 5 Simple Steps!

This is the second time we are calling for entries and I hope you can join now. This contest is open to all Filipinos 18 years old and above. You can submit your entry until Friday, April 8, 2011.

TechPinas is in a competition by Tourism Malaysia and should we win, we can take a pair of TechPinas friends with us -- ALL EXPENSE PAID! You and your friend or sibling or boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband can be that pair. But you have to join now! All you need is a Facebook account and a friend on FB.

This is one of the tourist destinations in Malaysia that we'll be visiting should we bag the prize:

Pangkor Laut Island Resort

Perfect Summer Destination Outside the Philippines

Here are the mechanics:

(or alternatively, you can just drop us a message on Facebook (TechPinas Pinoy) and we'll guide you - step by step - in creating your entry)

1. Log on to your Facebook account, look for an online fb friend (preferably a close friend or a bf or gf or wife or husband or sibling - that person has to be your friend on Facebook already), then ask that person to be your partner in this contest.

2. Then you (the person who is looking for a partner) will have to like this page. WIN A FREE TRIP TO MALAYSIA

3. After liking it, click the poster on that page just below the LIKE button. Click click lang nang click until you're asked to allow application. If the page hangs, just refresh it or copy the URL then open new tab. Do NOT close the window or else your entry will be forfeited. After allow applications choose Blogger # 5 : Mark Milan (Mark Milan is the Founder of TechPinas). Then create photo. If the system hangs copy the url and open new tab. Don't panic. After posting your photo type a short caption like "Go TP" or "I wanna go to Malaysia!"

4. Then submit and then you will now have to invite that close friend of yours or your bf or gf or wife or husband on Facebook. Look for that person in the box, click on his or her name, then click send notification button. After that, a window will pop up, click Skip. Your friend or bf or gf will have to accept your invitation from his or her Facebook page and do the same process just like what you did. Note that your friend will get the contest notification on his or her Notifications page or Apps Requests page.

5. After your partner completes your entry, share it on your wall and ask your friends to LIKE it. Should Mark win, the entry with most likes goes with him to Malaysia. It's easy to get LIKES, just message all of your Facebook friends and ask them to do it.

That's it. Very simple. What are you waiting for? Join NOW!

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